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Mrs Craig
Mrs Craig
Deputy Designated Teacher for Child Protection
Sarah Walton
Miss Walton
P1 Teacher
Head of P1 - P4, SENCO
Ms Stevenson
P7 Teacher
Designated Teacher for Child Protection, ICT Co-ordinator
Marion Brown
Mrs M Brown
P6 Teacher - Job Share
Head of P5 - P7, Numeracy Co-ordinator, PE Co-ordinator, Clubs co-ordinator
Mrs Trimble
Mrs R Trimble
P6 Teacher - Job Share
Miss Morrow
Mrs Morrow
P5 Teacher Job Share
Music Co-ordinator
P5, Job Share
Miss Corkum
P4 Teacher
Head of Literacy
P3 Teacher
Mrs Sloan
P2 Teacher
Mrs Doyle
Mrs Doyle
Learning Support Teacher
Mrs Burns
Classroom Assistant - based in P1
Mrs Dorrian
Classroom Assistant - based in P2
Mrs Palmer
Classroom Assistant Special Needs
Miss Rebekah Adams
Classroom Assistant - Special Needs & Breakfast Club Leader
Julie Hagans
Classroom Assistant Special Needs
Miss Laurie-Ann Lemon
Classroom Assistant, Special Needs
Miss Kirsty Buchanan
Classroom Assistant - Special Needs
Mrs Bailie
Mrs Bailie
Executive Officer
Mrs Kelly
Clerical Officer
Beyond the Bell Co-Ordinator and Supervisory Assistant
Mr Mark Lloyd
BUilding Supervisor
Mrs Katharine Sloan
Mrs Warnock
Dining Room Assistant
Mrs Arlene Grimason
Supervisory Assistant
School Counsellor